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Contact Lens Evaluation

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A contact lens is a medical device that is prescribed by an eye doctor. A contact lens evaluation is essential to healthy contact lens wear. A properly fitted contact lens is necessary to protect and aid in the prevention of an eye infection, scarring and permanent vision loss. At Eyes on Camp Bowie, we use a corneal topographer to map out the shape of the cornea to provide the best contact lens wearing experience. 


There are various types and brands of contact lenses available, all of what are properly selected for your individual anatomy. The optometrists at Eyes on Camp Bowie are knowledgeable in fitting soft contact lenses that correct hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.


In addition, the eye doctors are trained in specialty contact lens fitting such as rigid gas permeables (RGP’s), Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses, and Scleral Contact lenses.

The eye doctors at Eyes on Camp Bowie are experienced in fitting various lens types for keratoconus. Ask us which lens option is best for you!

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